Should Your Company Switch to a Cloud Phone System?

Align Right Technologies has proudly partnered with a wide variety of vendors to bring you a cloud-based phone service called Voice over IP, or VoIP. Use the power of the cloud and migrate over to our cloud-based phone service for a unified all-inclusive flat rate monthly fee. Our VoIP phone systems use the online cloud and your network to connect your employees with vendors and customers quickly and efficiently. Cut your phone line maintenance fees and feel comfortable knowing you have a high-quality phone system working with your mobile phones and desktops without any large upfront costs or long-term contracts. Take your business communication on the go and never worry about missing another call.

It’s no apples to apples when comparing a traditional phone system to the cloud’s VoIP phone network. We can help you look at what you currently pay on traditional monthly phone bills including annual fees, maintenance, support fees, and long-distance charges. These costs can add up quickly. When we seamlessly transfer your company to VoIP you get rid of your hardware, support, and maintenance fees for one flat-rate cost and enjoy free sophisticated hardware fully warrantied and replaced about every 3 years.

How can we help your company take advantage of this technology? Align Right Technologies can evaluate your current phone system and discuss if VoIP is the best fit for your business. You can feel confident with our smooth transition to a VoIP system that takes no time away from your productivity or customers. Our online portal is also a key feature we offer that allows you to quickly modify your system to meet the changes within your growing company. Adding new employee lines has never been easier. We can also enable you to move calls from your desktop to your office or mobile phone, all while keeping your business and personal identity separate.

Align Right Technologies helps guard against the typical business perils of outages, interruptions, and degraded quality with voice continuity, included free of charge. No more worrying about protecting your company’s lines of communication when you need them most. We can keep a constant eye on your company’s status and call quality and have a custom policy in place when an outage occurs. Contact Align Right Technologies to see if VoIP is the right choice for your company today.

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