Email Filtering: Advanced Security for Your Business


It’s no surprise that cyber criminals target employees using email rather than a company’s infrastructure. The numbers show they are highly successful with the help of human interaction. Most email platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 have a traditional security filter but most often this is not enough. 91% of cyberattacks start with email and about 23% of email users will always click on that malicious link or attachment. So how can Align Right Technologies help keep your business and its valued data secure?

Align Right Technology offers Proofpoint Essentials, an advanced security tool that adds multiple layers of protection. We can help provide the same security protection as the world’s largest security-minded businesses while protecting your company’s biggest risk, your employees. Proofpoint Essentials uses industry-leading email analysis solutions technology to provide an advanced URL and inbox analysis. Receive enterprise-class security at a flat rate fee for your SMB.

Do your employees produce large amounts of sensitive data each day using Microsoft Office 365? We provide email encryption to avoid any embarrassment, fines, or loss of customer trust from a confidential data breach. What if Office 365 goes down at the busiest time of the work day? Our Office 365 emergency inbox will continue to give you access to your email so you don’t miss a beat. And don’t worry if you have older files that need to be securely stored- let us show you how to make use of the Microsoft Exchange journaling function where your emails can be stored for up to 10 years safely.

Align Right Technologies will also help you keep your social media data confidential and secure. We can help protect this data and prevent spam on up to 3 platforms so you can focus on producing leads rather than your security. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

With Proofpoint’s many features, Align Right Technologies can help you feel safe and secure about your business operations so you can focus on delivering top notch customer support rather than what your employees are receiving in their inbox.

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