Voice Continuity: Protect Your Lines of Communication

In the case of a natural disaster hitting your location, your company has planned ahead so you can continue to run your business as usual, but what about your lines of communication? Phone systems are often an overlooked vital part of a company’s daily operations, costing them customer frustration and new opportunities when down. Align Right’s VoIP provided phone systems bring companies not only cost savings but innovative technology, obtaining automatic back up lines to mobile phones when the primary lines go down.

To ensure business communication continuity, Align Right will work with you to install one or more policies based on company preference and can set trigger thresholds to alert us in the event of a disaster. With auto-failback, company devices will be right back online and running to original operations. No need to worry about how to get communication out.

Proudly partnered with multiple vendors to optimize the customer experience of VoIP, Align Right Technologies also uses an innovative new platform that can constantly monitor all traffic in a client’s voice network, looking for issues to correct automatically or to alert providers when intervention is needed. The platform is constantly evolving, looking for new solutions to empower our customers for the best quality and performance each and every day. Rest assured with Align Right Technologies on your side to protect your lines of communication.

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